This is exactly what A Woman’s Milk Duct ACTUALLY Looks Like

If you’ re a woman after that you’ re probably aware which our bodies can do some pretty amazing things — like give delivery, break fitness records and defeat the odds when battling life-threatening health problems like breast cancer.

However how much do you actually know about your body? When someone asked you to describe exactly what your milk duct looks like, could you be able to give them an answer?

The answer is likely no, right? This particular image of the female anatomy has gone virus-like on Twitter and it may help to teach you a little on what your breasts muscles  really  look like.

The particular tweet, which was posted on Weekend by user  @lemonaded , has taken everyone’ s attention. So far the particular tweet has gained 34 334 Likes and 44 118 Retweets with everyone agreeing that they acquired no idea what exactly milk ducts appeared as if, either.

To the eye, the ducts form a group of overlapping ovals connected simply by thin lines of tubes top into the centre of the breast, or maybe the nipple (almost like a flower).

Many Twitter users messaged their shock at the image:

Others said it had been beautiful:

An additional expressed their sadness at without having been taught more about the female structure at a younger age:

If you didn’ to know, your milk ducts, or else known as the lactiferous system , are the thin tubes that will enable you to transport breast milk from your glandular tissue of your breast, exactly where it is produced, out to your nipple.

Our bodies are amazing, correct?!

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