Here is Exactly How To Switch To A New Contraception Pill

Finding a birth control pill that works for you personally is kind of like find  the one  (😍!! 😍 ). It might take a couple of tries to get it right, but as soon as you do, it’ s 100 percent really worth the trial and error.

In the event that you’ re not loving your present BC prescription, it’ s outl worth talking to your doctor. There are plenty of additional pills that might work better for your way of life, or might not have the same side effects (if your current pill is making you really feel blah).

A bit anxious about changing things up? Rest assured that will with the help of your gynae, switching tablets is pretty easy. Here’ s what you ought to think about before talking to your doctor, in addition all the important nuggets of details you should know as you start the process of altering your prescription.

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Think about why you want to switch— and create it down

To get a productive conversation with your doctor regarding why you want to switch pills, it’ s a good idea to come prepared along with your thoughts organized on paper. (Or en este momento know, your iPhone. )

Thinking about the answers to the beneath questions can help get the ball moving.

💊 Have you been experiencing side effects?

Everyone’ s different, which means that all women will react differently to a contraception pill. Common side effects include discovery bleeding, nausea, vomiting, cramps, plus water retention, among others.

If these side effects persist to get more than three months, then it’ t a smart idea to consult with your own doctor— and possibly switch, says Doctor Janelle Luk, of  Generation Next Male fertility . “ It’ s something to feel off at first, yet it’ s another for these negative effects to linger on, ” the girl says. Especially with  symptoms related to bloodstream clots , like pain, inflammation, skin redness, or a warm just right the arms or legs. “ It’ s been shown that the contraception pill can make your blood coagulate more easily, so it’ s necessary to talk to someone and find a solution. ”

💊 Has your wellbeing status changed?

When you’ ve been taking a mixture pill and recently started cigarette smoking or developed a health issue that will affects how your blood clots, you should consider switching to a lower-risk progestin-only pill. (Combination pills contain progestin and oestrogen).

💊 Are you looking for a pill with extra benefits?

Not all ladies who go on the birth control tablet are taking it in hopes to prevent maternity. In fact , 14 percent of customers take the pill for other reasons, based on one  Guttmacher Institute report . “ This can range from anything from managing acne to harsh migraines in order to uncomfortable breast tenderness, ” says  Doctor Tara Shirazian , a gynaecologist at NYU Langone Health. In the event that there are other benefits to BC you want to explore, this is definitely something to create up with your gynae.

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How— and when— to switch to some new birth control pill

To increase the odds of a smooth changeover from one type of birth control to the next, try to make the switch at the end of your routine. This will be the day following the last day time you take your inactive sugar capsule.

“ Not only may this help maintain regularity along with potential bleeding, but also [provide] maximal contraception, ” Doctor Shirazian says.

Something to keep in mind: During this switch, it’ s i9000 smart to use a backup method of delivery control— like condoms, Dr Shirazian advises. “ It’ s most likely that you are covered, but there’ s i9000 no harm in an extra coating of protection. ”

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